• Mind Body Yoga (map)
  • 12636 Research Boulevard C-206
  • Austin, TX, 78759
  • United States

The ultimate tool we have in our relationshipsis the depth of connection we hold with each other. Austin Yoga Connection is dedicated to developing and deepening these bonds within families while creating communities to support growth.

Stress is prevalent in so many areas in our lives; from work to school and in our own homes, it is often difficult to access proper tools to respond to stress effectively. Our performance-driven culture tells us to do more, go faster, work harder – but how do we do this without crashing and burning? The weight of stress is amplified for families not only with jobs and finances, but also the task of care giving, managing households, and helping children stay focused on schoolwork. 

Join us on March 4th from 2pm - 4pm as we explore ways to manage stress while maintaining connection. We will give parents tools to manage their own stress, enabling them to hold space for their children in times of need. Children will also be equipped with techniques for maintaining focus and managing anxieties that commonly come up in the classroom and during testing periods. Strategies explored through play and practice will be available in a take-home format.

All levels welcome, ages 5 & up. $25 for a family of three, $5 for each additional family member.

Register at www.mindbodyyogaaustin.com/workshops.html