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The age old practice of Yoga is built on universal and ethical principles, personal discipline, postures, breathing techniques, concentration of the mind, and meditation. It is a science and a system for re-establishing and maintaining health. Practice becomes a way of life, training and transforming its practitioners. Through muscular contraction and expansion blossoms integrated balance and a greater ability to remain peaceful amidst the storm. Yoga invigorates the spirit. 

When applied to Nia’s Finding Health Through Movement practice, Yoga enables the Nia practitioner to have a deeper understanding about relationships between bones, energy expenditure, posture as it relates to wellness and how the mind exists within the body. Similarly, Nia enables the Yoga practitioner to truly feel into the soul and move with the spirit in organic expression. The two together create a divine pairing to awaken and ignite the soul.

This workshop will delve deeply into both worlds and create a bridge to facilitate each practice. Yoga + Nia enhance living. NiaNow.com

Meet the facilitators:

Believing curiosity and inspiration are key to optimal health, Julie combines her physiology training and a teaching passion that encourages feel-better choices.
Learn more: julieannwylie.com 

Hooked on the calm created through a regular yoga practice, this native Austinite has an accumulated nearly 500 hrs of training to support her teaching. 
Learn more: valeriegraceyoga.com 

$30 online / $35 door

Register at http://www.mindbodyyogaaustin.com/workshops.html