Yoga Instruction

Valerie began practicing yoga in 2006 and has spent the last decade learning the practice from many perspectives as it is applied to the individual.  With advanced training in pranayama and meditation, and a background in psychology and social work, Valerie understands the importance of the mind and spirit within the yoga practice and provides individuals with a well-rounded practice to address needs at hand for both children and adults.

After a thorough intake interview, Valerie will walk you through a practice tailored to fit your needs in the time you have available to practice and provide a copy with notes and tips.  Practices may include physical postures (āsana), breathing exercises (prānāyāma), journaling, and/or meditations (dhyāna).  Should there be any follow up questions, Valerie is readily available by email or additional appointments can be made for phone or in person.

Rates:  $80/hr at Bloom Yoga & Meditation (6929 Airport Blvd #148, Austin, TX)

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